Be the Best Version of Yourself

I hope you enjoyed New Year’s Eve.  I spent the evening with all my family at Barwon Heads. We managed to stay awake til midnight and enjoyed the fireworks over the Bluff. My son, the partners of both my daughters and my husband all play guitar so we had built in entertainment even though we have an unpowered campsite. Listening to them all play together is one of my favourite things in the world so I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.       I also hope you’re looking forward to the year ahead.  Can you believe its 2015!? My New Year’s Resolution this year is to get fit. I’ve never been a fan of exercise but I’m turning 60 this year and I figure that it’s time to put some extra effort into staying physically strong and fit. I also figure that if I declare my goal publicly I’m much more likely to achieve it.     You might be interested to know that as well as writing down a goal, a really important aspect of success is accountability.  I heard about a woman recently who lost well over 50 kilos with surprisingly little effort in a very short time.  She hadn’t changed anything other than having someone call her on a daily basis to ask her what she’d eaten since the last phone call. That’s accountability!   The third factor that increases the likelihood of achieving a goal is commitment. Commitment is a combination of desire, belief and action.  Being 100% sure that you really WANT to achieve a particular goal and BELIEVING you can achieve it, means that you have a really good chance of reaching that goal. If you also write down your goal, set up some accountability and take the necessary actions then your chances of success are pretty much guaranteed. Sounds simple, hey?   I’ve worked with smokers who did our Stop Smoking Program because their partner or parent wanted them to quit smoking. They didn’t really WANT to stop so of course they didn’t. I’ve also worked with people who didn’t BELIEVE they could lose weight. Maybe they’d been overweight all their lives and couldn’t imagine being slim or maybe everyone in their family was overweight so they thought it was genetic. As soon as we did some work to change those limiting beliefs about their weight they started to shed kilos.  Two of our practitioners use a process called PsychK to quickly and permanently “Bust Beliefs” that block you from achieving your goals. Regardless of how hard you try to succeed at something, if you don’t believe you can do it, or don’t believe you deserve it, or maybe believe something bad will happen if you do succeed, then you will never achieve it. I once saw a client who was struggling to make money. We discovered that he had an unconscious belief that if he appeared to be rich his children would be kidnapped. It had happened to someone he knew so his fear was very understandable.  Our beliefs are not always logical and rational but nevertheless they can put an enormous roadblock in our way. This client is now very successful and prosperous because we cleared that belief.  One of our PsychK Practitioners, Geoff Charles, is available today for a FREE 15 minute session if you would like to try this powerful technique. Tina Carr is available on Thursdays. PsychK is an amazingly simple and brilliant combination of Psychology and Kinesiology. It’s highly recommended by Dr Bruce Lipton, Author of “the Biology of Belief.”   Now, if you have a number of goals then I suggest that you start with one at time. Decide on your priority goal and focus on it for a month until the new mind-set and actions become a habit. Then you maintain the changes easily and start on a new goal. No matter whether your priority goal is about health, career, finances, relationships, spirituality or something else here are 5 steps to successfully achieve it:

  1. Write down your goal
  2. Create the desire by imagining the fantastic feeling of having achieved it
  3. Clear any limiting beliefs about your ability to achieve it (A “Belief Busting” Session with Geoff or Tina can work magic)
  4. Take the necessary actions. Baby steps are OK
  5. Find someone to hold you accountable.  Our staff and practitioners are happy to help you with this.

So… if there’s something in your life that you’re not happy with, why not make 2015 the year to create the best version of yourself?  Now is the perfect time to set a goal and now you know how to make it happen.     If one of your goals is to lose weight then I highly recommend you come along to our next “Weight Off Your Mind” Seminar at 7pm on Wednesday Jan 14th   Or if you’re really serious about “Rebooting Your Life” then my upcoming 3 Day Retreat in March may be exactly what you need.  This exclusive Retreat is designed to detox your mind, body and soul in luxury accommodation at Ocean Grove.  Take a look HERE for more details or to book online.    You might also want to take a look at our Term 1 Classes and workshops 9th Jan  Friday 7pmIgnite the Goddess Within with Christine Long  14th Jan Wed 7pm – Weight Off Your Mind with Manuela Picinich 15th Jan Thurs 7pm – 5 Week Mindfulness Meditation with Kesang Wangmo 20th Jan Tues 7pm – 8.15pm Kundalini Yoga with Geoff Charles 21st Jan Wed 6.30pm – 9.30pm Dimensional Therapy Level 2 with Marcus Bird 24th Jan Sat – Emotional Freedom Technique with Catharine Ross (to be confirmed) 29th Jan Thurs 7pm – 10pm – VIP Pamper Party 7th Feb Sat 10am-1pm – Introduction to Chakras Workshop with Kara Kovacs  That’s all for now.  Now take a look at the Right Hand Column for our upcoming events, classes and therapies.  I’m off for a long walk on the beach in the morning sunshine. 🙂 Have a happy, healthy week, Warm Regards, Alison Burton pioneering the future of healthcare Simply Natural Therapies 41 Tunstall Square East Doncaster VIC 3109 03 9842 7033 TAKE OUR HEALTH ASSESSMENT TAKE OUR 30 DAY WATER CHALLENGE SIGN UP FOR OUR FREE HEALTHY PREGNANCY AND BIRTH TOOLKIT VIEW OUR WELLNESS WEBCAST  on our Secret Remedy for Health