Angels On Your Team

I hope you had a great week. My son, James, got engaged a few weeks ago and last Saturday he and Jess had their Engagement Party. I was in charge of the coleslaw and the weather. The coleslaw involved a bit of chopping as they had 70 guests but the weather was easy. I actually have quite a good relationship with the Weather Angels. I’ve learned along the way that they like to have a bit of notice and they like you be specific. Once Jess and James set the date for the party I had a chat to the Angels and requested a fine, balmy evening following 24° day. Although the day was actually 22° I think the Angels did very well. It was a gorgeous evening and we all had a sensational time.

As well as making coleslaw and arranging the weather I’ve been busy this week planning our retreat. It’s fabulous to see some bookings coming in. The early bird price finishes in 5 days so be quick to book if you’re joining us. Its on the Queen’s Birthday Weekend, June 10th to 12th. As you probably know we’ve called this 2 day retreat “Eat, Pray, Love.” We’ll have an entertaining and inspiring 2 to 2 ½ hour workshop on each topic as well as Massage, the Crystal Light Bed, Foot Detox and the Chi Zen Massager. Take a look HERE for more details on our topics or to register you place.

Anyway, getting back to the Weather Angels, did you know that there are Angels for everything? Years ago when our children were young we booked a weekend on a houseboat at Eildon. At the time we owned a ski boat together with another family and we were all very excited about cruising the lake, water skiing, towing the kids on the ski biscuit and fishing. Well, on the Friday afternoon we launched our little boat and the motor wouldn’t start.

The guys work on it for ages and decided it was a major problem that would be very expensive and time consuming to fix. It looked like we would be boatless for the weekend. 🙁 Everyone was disappointed and getting irritable, so I took myself off to sit on the bank of the lake for a few minutes to meditate. I asked the “Angels of Motorboat Mechanics” to help. Within a very short time someone decided to make a call to the local boat mechanic to see if they were still open and explore the options. Within 20 minutes the boat was fixed with a spare part that cost $20! Thank you Angels.

Now I know what happened could easily be a coincidence but it’s not my only story of asking for help and receiving it. In fact I could write a whole book about my “coincidences”. One I often share is when I went to Brazil a couple of years ago. I was booked to go to a Spiritual Healing Centre in Abadiania where our amazing Crystal Light Bed comes from. I had paid for the airfare on a credit card and I was working on saving the money to pay for our Retreat guide, accommodation and transfers etc. The total cost for that was $2400. I’d been told that if I was meant to go the money would come. To trust.

So, about 10 days before I was due to leave my dad called and asked me if I had time to come up to Ballarat to see him. He said he had something for me. I told him that unfortunately I didn’t have time to visit until I got back from Brazil so he said he would put it in the mail. I questioned him about what “it” was and he told me that he’d just finalized his Auntie’s finances and decided to divide up the money she had left between myself and my sisters. He said it wasn’t much but when I asked him “How much?” he told me it was $2500! I know it sounds ridiculous but it was seriously an inheritance from a Great Aunt. A Great Aunt who has passed away several years earlier.

I was blown away of course, and I knew exactly what the money was for. I was a bit mystified about the extra $100 but it wouldn’t go astray as spending money. The very next day, however, the travel agent called and said she’d had trouble with the connecting flight on the way home. We had to stay in Sao Paulo overnight and the hotel would cost an extra $100. Hmmm, obviously my Great Aunt Florrie knew about that well before anyone else did.

So when it comes to handing over and asking for help from the other realms I’ve learned to do it all the time. When I went to Sydney a year ago to see that same Healer from Abadiania apparently Auntie Florrie’s money hadn’t quite been finalised and I received another $750 just prior to that event. So you can understand that I’ve learned to ask for everything. I also do it for my clients. In fact in the first session we literally write their Wish List. I quietly hand it over to the Angels and watch the magic begin to unfold in their lives.

One of the things I’ve been doing recently is offering free initial assessment to clients with anxiety, depression or chronic health issues. We spend quite a bit of time teasing out their Wish List and really getting a clear of how the future could be. We don’t actually do any therapy in that session but we get really specific about what they want. And I don’t just handover that Wish List to the Angelic Realm or to Auntie Florrie, I also get at least two other practitioners on board. We’ve recently found that working as a team to help a client to achieve their goals is proving to be incredibly effective. It means that four people; the client, me and two other practitioners are all focused on achieving the desired outcome. And it also means that all our Angels are onto it. I believe the power of our collective intention is profound and should never be underestimated.

Please give us a call if you’d like to book a Free Assessment with me. Together we can explore a strategy to work some magic in your life and get a team together to support you on all levels. No guarantees but there’s no harm in asking.

That’s all for now.

Have a great week,

Warm Regards,
Alison Burton
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