Alison’s Panic on a Plane

Happy Australia Day! What a glorious weekend. I hope you were able to get out and enjoy it. I had a huge weekend with a couple of nights at the beach with my children and grandson, then Harry and I drove up to Wodonga for a friend’s birthday party. It was really lovely.

My weekend actually started on Thursday just after a Radio interview I did in Box Hill on 94.1FM 3WBC Big Life Conversation with Jacinta and Michelle This is the second time I’ve been invited onto Michelle and Jacinta’s show and it was great fun. I’m now officially their “Holistic Living Expert” and I have a monthly gig on the show. I’m thrilled to bits.

As you probably know I have a lot to say about health and wellbeing so what a great opportunity to spread the world even further! Last Thursday I talked about managing stress with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Hopefully I can send you a link to the podcast once they have it up on their website.

As you may know, I love EFT. I teach every one of my clients and I use it a lot myself. On the radio I talked about a “Panic Attack” I had on a plane a few years ago. I was flying up to Queensland with my husband and I was happily reading a Bill Bryson book and giggling to myself. He’s such a clever writer and this book was about his childhood which had lots of funny stories. I got to a part where he was describing an accident he had as a child while he was playing soccer (or footy) and he fractured his skull. He was a bit too descriptive for my liking and I started to feel quite queasy.

I was sitting between the window and my husband, with someone else next to him so I had no easy route of escape. I being in a plane meant that I wasn’t exactly in a position to step outside for a breath of fresh air. I started to feel worse and worse and eventually I was hyperventilating, sweating and seeing stars. I felt like was going to either pass out or vomit. I’d recently broken my collar bone so I was a bit hyper-sensitive to stories that involved blood and broken bones.

Anyway, I started to imagine I was doing EFT. This technique normally involves tapping on acupressure points to clear negative emotions. I couldn’t physically tap because I actually couldn’t move. I wasn’t in fight or flight mode, I was frozen! There are 8 points on your face and body that you normally tap on and I found that after 2 rounds of imaginary tapping (which takes less than 30 seconds) I felt myself settle. After another 2 rounds I was feeling better and after 2 more I was perfectly fine. I could finally explain to Harry what was going on. We even had a giggle about it but I must confess I never did finish reading that book. Sorry Bill.

Ever since I first learned EFT I’ve used it for all sorts of things. It’s particularly good for clearing stress, anxiety and phobias but I recently started using EFT to clear limiting beliefs. I’m currently reading Margaret M Lynch’s book “Tapping into Wealth” which contains some incredibly insightful perspectives on money and our beliefs and conditioning about it. How you feel about debt, savings, investing, income and setting financial goals can be extremely complex.

If you are not sure whether your subconscious beliefs about money are limiting you then simply take a look at your income, your savings account, your credit card statement and your investments. Whether you like it or not, and whether you consciously agree with it, they are all a direct reflection of your beliefs. To change these numbers you first need to change your beliefs.

Once you do that, how you behave in the world, the opportunities and people you attract, the energy you put out, the actions you take and the way you manage money all change for the better. The same applies to health, relationships, career and success in all areas of your life. Changing your beliefs is more powerful than you could ever imagine.

Magaret’s book teases out all the complexities around money and guides you through how to use tapping to clear any anxiety about it. You can find out more about Tapping Into Wealth HERE or order Margaret’s book ONLINE HERE

If you’d like to know more about EFT and learn how to identify and clear all the key issues in your life that are holding you back then we have a half day Seminar on Saturday Feb 14th from 9:00am to 1:30pm. CLICK HERE to Register

This Workshop is with Catharine Ross who is an Accredited EFT Practitioner and a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. Catharine conducted a number of workshops with us last year and she’s a brilliant practitioner. I’m thrilled to let you know that she’s joining our team as a Practitioner so we can now offer private EFT sessions. I highly recommend this workshop and booking a private session to experience Catharine’s magic.

Of course, the other powerful technique to clear limiting beliefs is Belief Busting with PsychK. If you struggle with negative self-talk or find yourself sabotaging your success then a PsychK session can identify why with muscle testing and reprogram not only your thinking but your entire energy field. Our PsychK Facilitators, Geoff Charles and Tina Carr, are both available this week to help clear whatever is holding you back. They’re offering free 15 minute sessions on Tuesday and Thursday so call us to book a time.

Now take a look at the Right Hand Column for information about our Chakra Workshop, VIP Pamper Party, FREE Belief Busting and our very successful Quit Smoking Program >>>>

Please Note: The prices of some of our therapies are increasing at the beginning of February.

Have a happy, healthy, panic free week,

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