Alison’s Anxiety Attack

I hope all is well. And I hope you’ve been well. It seems that lots of people have been having a tough time with the flu lately including our clients, staff and practitioners.  If you’ve caught the bug then let’s hope you make a speedy recovery. Shoot me through an email if you would like us to send you some healing. Believe it or not remote healing really works.  Although I’ve been well I’ve been a little overwhelmed by life’s busyness this week. My “To Do” list seems to be growing at an alarming rate and life has been a bit fuller than I like it lately.  We just had 6 big events over 8 days and during that time I also ran a staff training session for a childcare centre in Ballarat.  It’s been fabulous but pretty time consuming.  We started a new Stress to Serenity Class last night and although I created the course I almost feel like I should be a participant.  Perhaps the current full moon is causing a little chaos for people. Make sure you pop out and take a look at the moon tonight if you can. It is the biggest and brightest of the year. Now one of the many Stress Management techniques I’ve learned over the years is Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. This technique involves tapping on a series of acupressure points to clear unwanted emotions or physical discomfort.  I teach just about every client how to use this technique and I’ve found it incredibly effective.  Both the clients and myself are often surprised by how instantly it works. I did a one day workshop to learn Emotional Freedom Technique (or Tapping) many years ago. What convinced me, more than anything, of its power was the result of an anxiety attack I had on the way to do a talk at Box Hill Hospital.  I’d been invited to speak to a regional meeting of Gastroenterologists about Hypnotherapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Research shows that it’s actually the most effective treatment and I successfully treat a lot of clients with tummy troubles. As I was driving to the hospital I was feeling fine. I’ve done a lot of public speaking and so doing a presentation wasn’t really an issue. I’d been invited to speak by Professor Peter Gibson who was the President of the Australian Gastroenterologists Association at the time. As I drove, a little thought popped into my head that this meeting was a gathering of Prof. Gibson’s peers and that most of them were probably also Professors. That’s when my “Inner Child” had a meltdown. I thought “Holy crap, I have to stand up in front of a room full of Professors and try to teach them something! That’s scary!” I suddenly got butterflies in my stomach, my heart started pounding in my ears, my breathing was rapid, my palms were sweaty and I had that fuzzy feeling in my head. I knew my voice would have been shaky and the presentation was going to be a disaster.  The worst thing about it was that I was going to talk about relaxation training, stress management an how awesome hypnosis is!  Anyway, I did my best to calm myself down. I told myself I was prepared, they’re just normal people, imagine them with no clothes on, you’re fine with public speaking, you know what you’re talking about,  etc. etc.  Nothing worked. My body was in chaos and my head was in a spin.  Soooo I tapped.  I worked my way through tapping on the specific sequence  of acupressure points that I’d learned at the workshop and discovered that the points on my collarbones were incredibly tender. Those points are on the kidney meridian and are related to anxiety. I continued tapping for 5 or 10 minutes and at a particular moment the tenderness disappeared and those points felt perfectly normal. At exactly the same moment my stomach settled, my heart rate slowed, my breathing normalised and I literally felt the fog lift from my head.  I was so relieved. I had lunch with the doctors before the presentation and talked with them like a normal human being instead of a blithering mess. I did my presentation and got rave reviews. Many of them have been referring clients with IBS (and other tummy troubles) to me ever since. Now I could probably write a book about the clients who have benefitted from this Tapping Technique. I’ve also found it invaluable for myself in lots of other situations. It’s quite amazing for issues like grief, anger, guilt, pain, addictions, phobias and trauma  etc. So, if you’d like to learn Emotional Freedom Technique we have a workshop from 9.30am to 1.30pm on Saturday September 27th.  The cost is $115. Places are limited so you need to be quick to register.  This workshop will be presented by Catherine Ross who is a Certified EFT Practitioner. Catherine specialises in this technique so I am really pleased to have her on board for this workshop.  You can CLICK HERE to book online. Catherine is also presenting at our weekly Kindred Spirits Session at 10.30am on Thursday this week.  This session is just $20 so please join us if you can to meet Catherine and get a little taste of this amazing technique.   Now take a look at the Right Hand column for lots of info on our other events, therapies and our exceptional practitioners  >>>>>>> Also scroll down to review us on Facebook and receive $20 off your next appointment, Have a happy, healthy week, Warm Regards, Alison Burton pioneering the future of healthcare Simply Natural Therapies 41 Tunstall Square East Doncaster VIC 3109 03 9842 7033 TAKE OUR HEALTH ASSESSMENT TAKE OUR 30 DAY WATER CHALLENGE SIGN UP FOR OUR FREE HEALTHY PREGNANCY AND BIRTH TOOLKIT VIEW OUR WELLNESS WEBCAST  on our Secret Remedy for Health