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We hope you’ve had a lovely week, and that you’ve managed to catch a few rays when they’ve peeked through the clouds. This week a number of our practitioners have put together some interesting articles for you all, so here are Tamsin Russell, Manuela Picincih & Anna Talaj’s words of wisdoms. Enjoy!

Is Meditation the answer you’ve been looking for?
f you are experiencing anxiety, then you are not alone, approximately 14 % of Australians will be affected by an anxiety disorder in any 12-month period. If left untreated, other symptoms can start affecting your life, such as insomnia and depression. Fortunately there is so much you can do to get you back on the right track, and meditation is one of them. I know, you are probably thinking something like ‘I’ve tried meditation and I can’t stop my mind from thinking’ or ‘My life is so busy, when do I have time to meditate every day’!

Well, the good news is, you don’t have to ‘try’ to stop your mind, in fact you don’t have to ‘try’ at anything, and you don’t have to put an hour aside every day, which is an unreasonable demand on most of us! I run the Sound Healing Meditation groups at Simply Natural Therapies, and the feedback continues to be tremendous! A common thing that people say is ‘I feel much calmer during the week’ and ‘I felt no anxiety for the whole session’. My only instruction really is to lie down, get comfortable and cosy and soak up the healing sounds.

A lot of research is going into sound vibration and its healing properties, and the research has found some extremely interesting things, specific types of sound, such as singing, Tibetan singing bowls and chimes, (all of which I use in the group) slow down the brain waves, move energy in the body and trigger the release of nitrous oxide, otherwise known as ‘laughing gas’ people don’t tend to burst out laughing in the sessions, but do often experience body sensations such as ‘tingling’ or warmth in either parts of, or the whole body. Come and try out a session. Mondays 1.30pm -3pm or 7pm -8.30pm. Click here to see what people are saying about these sessions.
Cheers, Tamsin Russell

Have you heard of HypnoReiki?
Hypnosis is like a daydream, a way of directing the imagination to help mind and body bring health and strength into being, and to perform as needed. Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, or altered state of consciousness created by focused attention.Our physical bodies don’t know the difference between sensory images created in our minds… and sensory images in what we call reality. It gives us access to the power of our subconscious mind, our goal achieving center. And when we enter this power center, we leave behind our physical stress and experience a feeling of complete relaxation. Senses are heightened. Endorphins are produced. With the guidance of a certified hypnotherapist, perceptions and behaviors are changed.

Reiki is a gentle non-invasive yet powerful healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the body, activating the natural healing processes of the the body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Reiki treatment follows a traditional pattern of hand positions, resting without pressure on or above the body. Reiki is pure energy, and brings about deep relaxation and healing.

HypnoReiki is a combination of the two powerful methods of healing, Hypnosis and Reiki, creating profoundly relaxing effects. This makes the combination of HypnoReiki even more effective for the treatment of anxiety, stress, and chronic illness. Each method has proven to be effective, but when used together, the modality is amplified. HypnoReiki complements any other form of medical treatment, as there are no contraindications.

The body-mind connection is fully functioning while in the state of hypnosis. The mind doesn’t know the difference between what is imagined and what is perceived as reality. When Reiki is administered to someone in the hypnotic state, the benefits are magnified. The healing power of life force energy is added and the whole body becomes at peace.
Manuela Picinich

Anna Talaj Talks Probiotics
Probiotics seem to be a popular topic at the moment with an increased awareness about how important they are for health and well being. As more research is being done, the benefits and healing mechanisms are being better understood which can sometimes leave people confused about what they should be taking or which one is more effective for their health issues.

First of all they are so important that if compromised with stress, poor diet, surgery and drugs etc they have been implicated in immune, gastrointestinal, urinary, pregnancy, brain, nervous and development issues which can be responsible for a whole host of problems.

Often traditionally prescribed after antibiotic therapy we are seeing amazing benefits when used in conjunction with all vitamin and mineral treatments and this is where results are the most impressive. Conditions of constipation, diarrhoea, food intolerances, infections, inflammation, pain, failure to thrive and recover fully is where we are seeing these micro organisms do their best work. Even mental health is benefitting from these powerhouses as you may not know that GUT and brain health have a co dependent relationship, you may have already figured out through experience that eating the wrong food or drink has an impact on the way you feel. In the short term you may think it is ok but the long term fall out from nutritionally depleted food and drinks impacts your health both physically and mentally.
So which ones you may ask are right for you?

Not all probiotics are made equal and not all have species are relevant to your specific condition so come in and have a consult about which ones are right for you.
The latest clinical research and support from practitioner only supplements means you are getting the best that is available.
Anna Talaj

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