Wishing you a Happy & Healthy New Year

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and you have been able to unwind over the last few days.  I am at Barwon Heads enjoying the beach and the sunshine. It’s gorgeous! All my children, including my adorable grandson, came down over the weekend. Our family have camped on the same site for many decades and it’s always good to catch up with the fellow campers from year to year. There are more babies around each summer and it’s great to watch as families grow and change. It’s a little like time lapse photography. I can’t believe how quickly children grow up and start having children. I must be getting old. I do my best to stop myself saying “Haven’t you grown!”

Although I am technically on holidays I want to let you know about a few things happening at Simply Natural Therapies in January.  As I said last week most of our Practitioners are available for appointments.  If you are on holidays it might be a good opportunity to take care of any health issues or just have a relaxing massage.  I always have my annual dental check up and get my car serviced while I am on holidays and I have time.

At Simply Natural we were busy doing Foot Detox sessions for people last week after all that Christmas partying.  The first time I had a Foot Detox I had a fairly well entrenched habit of having a glass of wine each night as I cooked dinner. The evening of my first Foot Detox I went through my normal routine of cooking and eating dinner, chatting with my husband, watching some telly, checking emails etc. and it wasn’t until I got into bed that night that I realised I had totally forgotten to have my glass of wine!  I can’t tell you for sure why I forgot but my theory is that I felt really relaxed and my body was feeling good so I didn’t feel like I needed it.

Foot detoxing does much more than you think. It actually alkalises your body by giving you access to an abundance of negative ions in the water, which are like antioxidants. Your body absorbs the negative ions through the skin in your feet and the water draws out the toxins from your body.  The water changes colour during the session and it can give you an incdication of whats going on in your body. A few months ago I did a Fooot Detox for a man and the surface of the water at the end of the session was likenothing I had seen before. It was a beautiful sparkly metallic colour. It was only at the end that I asked him what sort of work he did and he told me that he was worked in the mines in WA!  At the end of a treatment for another young man, the surface of the water looked dusty and light grey. He was a concretor.  Both these men started the session with clean feet so what was in the water had been drawn from inside their bodies not just from their skin. I find the Foot Detox a fascinating process.

During the course of 30 minutes all the blood in your body flows through your feet many times so it’s a detox for your whole body not just your feet. As this happens your blood is exposed to a micro-current that some research says actually zaps parasites, viruses and bacteria in your bloodstream.  Some people can have a bit of a detox reaction when this happens but I found that the following day I had energy to burn. It was really quite amazing.  We normally recommend people have a foot detox every week for 6 weeks then once a month to maintain the benefits.  Take a look at the right hand side for a link to more info.

On Tuesday Jan 14th I am running a 2 hour workshop to teach soem quick and effective strategies to reclaim the ability to be joyful and live from the heart.  If you have spent most of your life believing to your “inner critic,” or sacrificing your dreams, then maybe 2014 is the year to break free.  I would love you to join me and experience some powerful processes to clear old programming and learn to create a sense of inner joy and wellbeing.  Start the New Year with a whole new approach to life and make 2014 your best year ever.  Call us on 9842 7033 to register for “Reclaiming Your Joy” 7.30pm to 9.30pm Tuesday January 14th.  Cost is $47. Places are limited so be quick to register on 9842 7033 or register ONLINE HERE

“Don’t believe everything you think” 

Christine Long, creator of the beautiful Australian Aromatic Essences is available for Inner Insight readings on Saturday Jan 20th. These readings will accurately reveal your personal INNER INSIGHT Mastery Profile so you know exactly what to do to attain and maintain an elevated level of Self-Mastery for assured success.  These powerful focused reading sessions are an excellent tool to efficiently and effectively reveal what you need right now or what may be holding you back so you can respond positively to life’s challenges and effortlessly attract what you want.  I have found Christine’s readings to be incredibly helpful to me personally over the years.  Christine’s readings are 30 minutes for $65. Please call us to book an appointment.  9842 7033

Jennifer Valente is now available on Saturday Feb 15th.  Her sessions are $100 for 45 mins.

We are open on New Years Eve til 4pm (closing early so our staff can get goregous and go partying) We are also closed on New Year’s Day from 4pm. After that most of our practitioners are available to help you make 2014 successful in every way,

I hope you have a happy and healthy week, have fun tonight and have an abundant, joyful, fulfilling and healthy 2014,

Warm Regards,
Alison Burton
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