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How has your week been?  I can’t believe we are nudging the end of April already. My adorable granddaughter will be turning one soon. Where has that time gone? I took her to her first Gymbaroo Class last week. It was such fun and what an amazing program to help her development. Every activity is so well designed to help babies with balance, co-ordination, eye tracking, listening skills, body awareness, brain integration and more. So many things you would never think of. I actually took my kids to Gymbaroo when they were little and they loved it. Of course if you’re too old for Gymbaroo then I highly recommend our Ageless Grace exercise class at 10am on a Tuesday morning or Yoga on Wednesdays at 9.30am. 

With the school holidays over we’re really firing up at Simply Natural with lots of workshops and courses.  Sorry if we’ve overwhelmed your inbox lately but we want to be sure you don’t miss out on some really cool events.  We have our first VIP Pamper Party for 2016 this Friday evening. There are just 4 places left so be quick to book HERE if you would like to join us. For a full list of the all our upcoming events you can always check our website at any time.

Today I want to talk to you about a Seminar I attended last Saturday. It was run by a woman who uses a combination of Hypnosis and Kinesiology to treat PTSD, anxiety and depression.  This woman and her son suffered the most horrendous trauma in the past and she now teaches the techniques that she used to heal herself and her son.  She’s developed quite a structured program to help sufferers and is having remarkable results.  As she talked about her approach I was really pleased to learn that many of the techniques she uses are the things that I am already putting into practice but with some added extras so I’m excited to be able to enhance what we already offer.

One of my favourite Hypnotherapy techniques is something I call “Rewriting the Story.”  When someone is struggling with anxiety or suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) their body is in fight or flight mode all of the time. The brain is simply so overwhelmed it’s not able to process the events that have happened and file the memories away. The subconscious and the body behave as if the stressful or traumatic events are still happening now. People then get stuck in a state of high alert, fear and tension. Not only does living like that feel awful but in that state of constant stress people are susceptible to a whole host of health issues. As I’ve said on many occasions constantly being in a state of “Fight or Flight” disrupts the immune system, shuts down the digestion, reduces fertility and creates inflammation throughout the entire body. When anxiety and stress are resolved the body often heals.

At the risk of giving away my trade secrets, ‘Rewriting the Story” involves taking one stressful or traumatic memory at a time and working through it in Hypnosis (or meditation) to process and resolve it. It can be helpful to imagine you’re the director of the movie of your life and imagining how you would want things to be different if you had your time over again. If you could do a second take what would you change?  What would you want to say or do to the people that hurt or bullied you as a child? What would you want to do to claim back your power?  There are an infinite number of ways you can rewrite a memory and you can be as creative or bizarre as you like. The intention is not to relive the bad feeling or retraumatise yourself but to neutralise the emotional charge from the story. That then allows the brain to process it effectively and file it away as a past memory. The brain then knows that its over. You can then relax when you think about it.

I worked with a woman a while ago who came to me with digestive troubles. (Believe it or not I get a lot of referrals of clients with IBS or other tummy troubles for Hypnotherapy.) These people are often in the doctors too hard basket.  Anyway, I did some work with this woman to clear up her past by rewriting the stories and I helped her relax and feel safe in the present. We had 4 or 5 sessions and  I phoned her a couple of weeks after our final appointment. She told me her health was brilliant; no pain, no bloating, no IBS attacks and no anxiety.  I was thrilled to hear she was doing so well. Without the stress her body could heal and digest food again and she could enjoy her life.

Now, depending on how traumatic your history is, you can do some of this work by yourself. If you’ve experienced big traumas then it’s really important to work with an experienced practitioner but there are probably a number of memories that you can deal with for yourself. You’ll know you’re done when you can think about the event in detail and feel absolutely neutral.  The aim of this work is to clean up all your memories so it’s safe to take a trip down memory lane. This clears the negative energy from you mind your body and your energy field. I guarantee that when there’s nothing in your past that distresses you any more you’re anxiety will be gone.

So how do you uncover the memories that need resolving?  Well, one of the things included in this process is to write a list of the 10 to 12 most stressful or traumatic events in your life.  You don’t need write an essay, just a title for each event, how old you were at the time and who was involved. Hypnosis can also help uncover the key stories of course.  It’s important not to go back into the negative feeling of the event but to just imagine how you would like to change the story. The key is to change it a way that leaves you feeling safe and empowered. Once you’ve changed it then you go right into it and rerecord it in your mind. Imagine it as clearly as you can using all of your senses. Lay down a new memory track.

I used this technique many years ago to recover from a broken heart.  Even though it had occurred 20 prior every time I thought about how the relationship ended I felt betrayed and hurt. Once I changed the story and relived it differently in my imagination I felt strong and free.  I can now think about how that relationship ended and feel perfectly calm and confident.  It’s a very cool technique!

Now, one of the other things that we learned on Saturday was how to muscle test to uncover the core limiting beliefs that are creating someone’s life pattern.  Judith Richards, the presenter, had a belief that was created as a child that she was worthless and deserved to be punished.  As an adult she attracted a string of increasingly violent partners until she changed her belief. That’s how powerful our beliefs are!

So if you’d like some help cleaning up your beliefs and your stressful memories and potentially free yourself from anxiety, depression or trauma then you might like to try a combination of Hypnotherapy and Kinesiology with our Practitioners.  We know that both those modalities can create profound benefits in their own right so just imagine how powerful a combination could be.

Call us to make an appointment for an initial Trauma Busting Session with me on 9842 7033 and we’ll send you the template for your homework prior to the appointment. In the meantime have fun rewriting your memories. Its never too late to have a happy childhood.

That’s all for now.  Take a look at the Right Hand column for our upcoming classes and events.  As always we have some awesome events coming up. >>>>

Have a great week,

Warm Regards,

Alison Burton
Health and Happiness Guru

Alison Burton is one of Melbourne’s leading Hypnotherapists and owner of Simply Natural Therapies. Alison is a sought after public speaker and has appeared on ABC National Radio, SBS Radio and is a regular guest on 3WBC Radio. She has also featured in The Age, Herald Sun, Insight Magazine and local news media. Alison has a keen interest in all aspects of natural health and wellbeing, energy medicine, human consciousness and bringing more common sense and kindness to the planet.

Alison’s interest in energy healing is often incorporated in her work through the use of Reiki, Kinergetics and acupressure techniques including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
She has three adult children and 2 adorable grandchildren.
Alison lives Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs and runs a Natural Health Centre with 15 practitioners, an extensive range of classes including HypnoBirthing, and a retail shop.

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