Robyn Pierson

Robyn has  worked in the health sector for over 25 years working with people as a Massage Therapist, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist. She is married with three grown up children who she loves to spend time with. They  attend festivals and still go on holidays together. Her passion lies in watching her clients get back their lives and transforming this into other areas to find their own unique awesomeness!


  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma Counselling (AIPC)
  • Diploma Clinical Hypnosis


Robyn loves to travel and experience different cultures and food. She is passionate about health and self care and regularly go on bushwalks and love camping and connecting with nature. We mostly grow our own food on our small farm and I love planting and growing food that nurtures me and my family.

What people are saying

The reason I chose to use hypnotherapy is that I have experienced success previously with my fear of flying, so I knew it worked.  
During the series of 6 sessions, Robyn combined light relaxation and hypnotherapy which worked extremely well together for me.  She was caring, understanding, non judgemental and injected some humour into the process which was appreciated.   Robyn used hypnotherapy to help me get to the heart of the issue I needed to address and provided audio for me to use at home to supplement our sessions together. The benefits for me really started to kick in straight away, making me feel confident in the progress I was making and that I would succeed.  –  Ruth

What therapies does Robyn offer:

Pain Elimination Program