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What’s In A Massage? How to choose the right massage for your needs.

We are often asked what’s the difference between a relaxation massage, a remedial and a myotherapy  treatment? Let us explain –   Relaxation Massage A Relaxation Massage is often a full body massage using slow, rhythmic, soothing strokes designed to guide you to a state of deep relaxation. It does so by resetting your autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous Read More


February, the Month of Love

February, the Month of Love by Tabitha Dougall, Holistic Counsellor & Sound Healer I’ve always loved February.  Apart from it being full of sunshine, I also think of it as the month of love, being punctuated by Valentine’s Day. When younger I marinated in the romance of Valentine’s Day and enjoyed flowers, chocolates, perfume, dressing Read More

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Detox with QiGong

How does Qigong move toxin out of your body and mind? Clearing the toxins out of your body and mind is as important as brushing your teeth. If you don’t brush your teeth every day then stain builds up. If you don’t detox your body then toxins build up.  and darken your sense of wellbeing. Read More

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Brain on Fire

Feeling depressed? Unmotivated? Stressed? Chronic inflammation throughout the body can directly affect the brain causing it to literally to be…. “on fire!” resulting in mood changes. This patient visited me last week and had significant inflammatory markers in her blood film. In the photo there is diffuse fibrin which we can’t actually see but it Read More

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Plastics and Us

PLASTICS AND US Every choice we make in life has a consequence. This can be a conscious or unconscious choice and a direct or indirect consequence. In essence the connection between all things is important to recognise. In health this can be seen in the influence food choices have on our bodies. While diet and Read More

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How to Beat Procrastination

Well what a lovely long summer we’re having. I hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous weather and you were able to make the most of the Labour Day holiday yesterday. I spent some time with my grandson visiting his Auntie Leah and taking in a game of mini-golf. It was lovely. There’s nothing like a child to Read More

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February’s Astrology Forecast from Juliet Gauci

Change is here!  February is eclipse time!  Issues will come to a head. On February 10th, there was a Full Moon Lunar eclipse with the Sun in Aquarius and the moon in the sign of Leo.  The chart at that exact time was doing extraordinary things that would take a little too much time and Read More

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How Hard is it to Sit Still and Quiet?

I hope you’ve had a good week.  Hopefully your children or grandchildren are settling back into school or kinder.  My grandson had his first day at kinder last week.  So far so good. For him it’s the beginning of a big journey through our education system.  I’m curious to know how this system might change Read More