Bringing Common Sense Back to Healthcare

  • Are you looking for natural therapies to help with a health issue?
  • Are you struggling with stress, anxiety or depression?
  • Are you looking for simple, natural ways to reclaim your health?

At Simply Natural Therapies we look beyond the symptoms and into the heart and soul of health. We believe it’s time for common sense to return to healthcare and we provide information, resources, products and natural therapies that support true health and honour our connection with nature. If you’re ready to reclaim your health and happiness then our team of exceptional, highly skilled and experienced Natural Health Practitioners can help you understand your health issues and explore the many enlightened natural healthcare solutions that may help you. Call us now to book your FREE 60 minute Health Assessment and begin your journey to wellness 03 9842 7033.

Our extensive range of integrated services includes Naturopathy, Hypnotherapy, Massage, Energy Therapies, Light and Sound Healing, Meditation, Yoga and more….


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Are you feeling overwhelmed?

There are lots of options when it comes to natural health care. If you’ve  tried lots of different therapies but still feel anxious, stressed or unwell, come see us for a free health assessment.

Need a gift voucher, new book or crystal?

Not only do we have an extensive range of products available for purchase online, we also have a gorgeous shop in East Doncaster, VIC. Come drop by, say hello and soak up the good vibes anytime!

Headache? Migraine? Backache?

With our busy lifestyles it’s easy to forget to look after ourselves. Why not start feeling better today and book yourself a massage. Health rebates are available for Remedial Massages.