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What do Palm & Astrology Readings Involve?

Using her knowledge of 20 years, Juliets Palm & Astrology Readings involve reading both from your hands, your chart and your energy to give you indepth insight into your Soul Purpose this lifetime. From there she will look at your gifts, and challenges, and from that awareness, you can change your life.
Juliet has been passionately reading hands and people for over 20 years.  She combines both her skills in Palmistry and Astrology together with the help of her Guides to give an overview of your Soul’s Purpose.

Juliet comes from a long line of psychic mediums. Her Polish great grandmother read the palms of the Russian soldiers that were guarding her concentration camp. Her Grandmother read tea leaves and tarot cards, and her Mother is a Spiritual Advisor and Healer, who encouraged Juliet to take on that pathway from a very early age.

Juliet has studied Astrology, Vedic palmistry and Hand Analysis which she uses to compliment her Intuitive abilities. To ground her skills, she spent 18 months studying Palm Analysis with Ronelle Coburn and graduated from Richard Unger’s International Institute of Hand Analysis.

Earlier in Juliet’s career, much of her focus was prediction style readings, however after years of experimenting and developing her skills she has come to realize that prediction is a limitation of the many possibilities you can create in this lifetime, and she feels it is more empowering for you to choose the direction of your life.

The knowledge that Juliet will uncover will help you to see clearly your gifts and challenges in order that you can confidently harness the power of the present to create an authentic and amazing life that fulfils you and benefits the world.

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Who offers Palm & Astrology Readings?

Juliet Gauci