Akashic Record Readings

What are the Akashic Records?

Akashic Records are an energetic multidimensional library of all life recorded…past, present and future. The vibrational energy of the Akashic Records is all around us and is connected to the energetic field of all living things. This multidimensional record of all life in existence enables you to see the possibilities of your life, the probabilities of your future and gain a deeper understanding of your soul level truth.

What to expect during an Akashic Record Reading?

During an Akashic Records Reading we are simply connecting to the collective consciousness and receiving spiritual guidance from a place of unconditional love and acceptance. In this profoundly healing space you can gain soul level truth insights about your higher self and higher purpose. Akashic Record Reading is akin spiritual archaeology…tapping into the infinite reservoirs of your heart for soul level truths that are uniquely yours.

Spiritual counselling in the Akasha allows you shift and heal in a way that’s multidimensional… where the past, present and future are simultaneously experienced. This allows you to get a bigger picture of any issue being presented as well as an expanded clarity on soul level truths.

Picture a flow of energetic frequencies that have the codes of all of your lifetimes recorded… the wisdom, gifts, talents, abilities of you which can be gently integrated into a new familiar awareness. Accessing your Akashic Records assists in understanding why you do what you do and uncovering the original source of your issue. Karmic knots can also be released and healed for a smoother future.

Our Advanced Akashic Records Reader has had many lifetimes of working in the Akashic Records and is deeply connected to Divine Source. She is more than happy to have a phone conversation with you to answer any questions you have prior to a session.  Call 9842 7033.

How much does it cost?

$120/45 Minutes


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am feeling so wonderfully blessed to have received such clarity as to my journey and the messages you have brought. I have such a calm sense of knowing, you have helped bring to light in so many ways. You are truly gifted, and I am so grateful our paths have crossed once more on this incredible path of light that we share. Thank you for gifting me this beautiful reading today. Yvette

The Akashic session  was an intensely positively transformative experience like no other modality I’ve experienced. I was not sure of what to expect and a little nervous, but my expectations were satiated, and my nerves were gone only replaced with deep calm and trust.  The session gave me a deep sense of clarity on the situation I sought counsel on and kept yielding to me weeks after.  Thank you, the one thing I did know though, was that I was in good hands from the start.  Preetie

I recently had an Akashic Records reading  and approached it with an open mind. I was pleasantly surprised at how accurate many of the observations were and how relevant to my current life. Since the session I have found that I am trusting more in the daily synchronicities and energetically connecting to my guides on a regular basis. Thank you for the beautiful space that you held for me during the session. Meg