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Wisdom Leadership is a divine calling for you to awaken the light and leadership of your soul with the intention of awakening the light and leadership within the soul of others.
In case you’re asking yourself, “Do I have the ability to do this?” we’re here today to say, “You absolutely do, and that’s the reason you’re reading these words”.
Wisdom Leadership is an awakening of your bountiful, boundary-less, and blissful ‘I Am God/Infinite Self.’We are at that pivotal and pinnacle turning point in our human evolution where the human consciousness of our planet is calling forth for all of us to rise. And rise we shall.

For those reading this today, you have an additional part to play in the rise and progress of consciousness, as, on some level, you already accepted the call to be part of the tribe that is here to awaken and elevate the human race.

Today Alison and Pascale are inviting you into this divine initiation to answer the Wisdom Leadership call that I’m sure you’ve been feeling for some time now, and maybe you didn’t realize what this calling was and/or where and how to take part.

Well, here we are.

This is about you playing your part in awakening the human species through activating your own unique gifts and talents. We cannot, I repeat, cannot awaken our human evolutionary species individually, it takes all of us awakening, releasing the places we feel separation, pain, and isolation to step into and activate our bigger calling.

It’s going to take all of us embodying our inner wise leader and claiming our rightful place within our Wisdom Leadership tribe to collectively progress and move human evolution forwards.

We’re assembling at this very important turning point to do the soul work we are called to do, in fact, it was part of our soul’s evolutionary blueprint for our DNA to activate and unfold at this precise moment in history. Internally this is what your soul has been calling for right now.

Why, you might say?

When our sacred consciousness is expressed through us, this, in turn, creates a chain reaction and a ripple of enlightened consciousness to occur.  To be able to smoothly transition from the 3D universes to the 5D it’s going to take new activation and invocation downloads that are wanted and needed to midwife this new reality.

To do this we must learn to embody both the masculine and the feminine consciousness models, tapping into specific frequencies of enlightenment as they offer true gateways and portals to embodying the qualities we need for this New Earth. Qualities such as humility, compassion, vulnerability, unconditional love, unconditional service, unity, peace, grace, and holy divinity.

These are now the all-important sacred seeds to be birthed and nurtured within you at this time as these also hold the seeds of spiritual success, manifestation, and the laws of empowerment in the New Earth to allow for greater, ease, flow, and divine synchronicity and divine serendipity to occur within all of our lives.

In addition, Pascale and Alison will also be teaching you how to marry and embody qualities from the holy grail of our spiritual practice that underpins Wisdom Leadership and they are faith, devotion, trust, deep listening to the divine spark of intuition and allowing the flourishing of your inner wisdom.

Lastly, we will also awaken the god and goddess qualities and archetypes of holding space, allowing, harnessing the sacred god and goddess qualities to manifest abundance, deeper spiritual alignment, and deeper reverence and spiritual harmony with the inner leader you were born to be.

This will be a reverent, holy, divine, and light experience and awakening.

The intention is to birth leaders who are ready to tackle the life-altering crises and problems our world is facing. And the leadership crises and/or problems that your heart and soul feel called and ready to support and to step up and take action around.

This could be around injustice, greed, political imbalance, corruption, female or male victimization, indoctrination, discrimination, poverty, climate conservation, or any kind of activism. These are just a few of the places and areas you may feel called to serve in, make a difference, take action, and step up and lead from.

Either way, the world needs you to assemble and take your rightful “Wisdom Leadership” place wherever it calls to you right now, and to do that it’s going to be pivotal to assemble and integrate into your own Wisdom Leadership position first.

It is for this reason when we tuned into what type of offering this wanted to be, it came through very strongly and clearly that it needs to be a 12 month committed monthly offering which allows for longevity, commitment, and embodiment of the spiritual practices being offered to truly step into your own unique expression of your Wise Leader.

Included in this offering are:

  • 2 Group 90 minute Zoom Teaching/Coaching Sessions each month
  • A Wisdom and Leadership Blueprint PDF on each monthly topic
  • An Audio on the monthly Wisdom Leadership Topic for you to embody, download, and use as you incorporate your monthly resets and realignments into your Wisdom Leadership mastery.
  • An opportunity to connect, engage, and ask questions in our dedicated Facebook group.
  • Powerful guided meditations to create lasting change

The fortnightly group coaching calls with Alison and Pascale will take a “Principle of an Embodiment” each month and allow us to practice in real-time how to truly embody that principle, and hear where you’re getting stuck.

There will be an opportunity to share where you may have challenges, and opportunities for real-time coaching with individuals in the session for stratospheric breakthroughs for all of us.

You’ll be part of a private Wisdom Leadership Accountability Facebook Group where we will be sharing updated new content, wisdom leader tips, and strategies to apply for each month to ensure you’re receiving the results and the outcomes that are needed.  We’ll also connect you with a wisdom and leadership accountability buddy to support you both throughout the duration of the course.

We warmly invite you to take part in this first-ever cohort of
Wisdom Leadership – Pioneering a New Frontier

Our first two Zoom calls will be 8pm to 9.30pm (Melbourne Time) or 10.30am to 11.30am (UK Time) Dates to be Advised

We really look forward to seeing you there.

The Fee for the 12-month course is $288 per month.  $288 Deposit required plus 11 monthly payments

If you’re ready to dive deeper then Pascale is offering a Monthly Private 60-minute Coaching Session as an adjunct to this course.

These sessions are designed to distinguish the personal and unique blueprint of your Wisdom Leadership that allows it to take full shape, full colour and full voice in the world. Identify your barriers and blockages to embracing your full Wisdom Leadership and has you stepping forward into your next evolutionary step as a Wisdom Leader in the world, connected with your craft, mission, or soul’s calling and work in the world.

The Additional Fee for Monthly Private Coaching is $244 per month for 12 months.  

If you’re ready for change click on the link now to register.  We promise you, your soul is longing for this,

Much love and light,
Pascale Seiler and Alison Burton



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Wisdom Leadership Deposit

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