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Deep Relaxation for Health and Happiness – Audio MP3



Are You Looking For Health and Happiness?

  • Do you struggle with busyness or overwhelm?
  • Are you juggling home and work commitments?
  • Maybe you feel like there’s not enough time or not enough sleep
  • Maybe you’re feeling drained, unfulfilled and never feel nurtured?

If you’re always putting others first then read on… 

Many clients come to me feeling anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed.

Often they’re not sleeping well.

They’ve tried massage, chiropractic treatments, osteopathy sessions and maybe even acupuncture.

They don’t feel bad enough to see a doctor or psychologist but they’re not happy in life and they know something needs to change.

Many of my clients have willingly (or not so willingly) given most of their time and energy to care for their family.

And many have elderly parents that need care.

These clients are mostly women and they’re at the “WHAT ABOUT ME?” stage of life.

They are starting to resent always putting others first but feel guilty taking time out for themselves.

If this sounds familiar, then you will love this quick and easy way to bring balance and joy back into your life…

If you’d like to feel in control and joyful again I  have a really simple and affordable solution.

No guilt.  No resentment.  Just an easy and powerful process to reclaim your life.

So, if you’d like to feel internally at peace and positive regardless of your day to day circumstances then all you need is set aside 20 life-changing minutes a day.

Pop a post-it-note on your forehead that says “Back in 20 Minutes,” close your eyes and drift into a beautiful, deep relaxed state as you listen to a beautiful audio recording by yours truly, Alison Burton. (One of Australia’s leading Hypnotherapists.)

One of my clients regularly tells her children that she’s going to her “happy place” for 20 minutes and when she comes back she’ll be a happier mummy.

Her children soon learned that she was right.

They left her in peace while she listened to my hypnosis audio.  And she definitely came back a happier mummy!

She also became calmer, more resilient, more resourceful and believe it or not, healthier.

Reducing her stress levels actually boosted her immune system.

(Believe it or not, stress is the underlying cause of 60% to 80% of illnesses.)

Just 20 minutes a day created profound and powerful change that had a ripple effect through her whole family.

“So what makes this audio so powerful?” I hear you ask.

Well, there is a subtle yet powerful difference between your average Guided Meditation Audio and a Hypnosis Audio.

Let me explain….

Hypnosis and Meditation will both take you into a trance state.

Hypnosis however uses that trance state to install positive suggestions and create change in your subconscious mind.

It’s safe and natural and can target specific limiting beliefs and unwanted habits.

It creates a new and more positive way of thinking and behaving.

Hypnosis can fast-track the change and healing that people seek when they have counselling or see a Psychologist.

I’ve seen this happen time and time again.

Meditation, on the other hand, is a process of calming and quietening the mind.

This can be really helpful but it doesn’t necessarily create the specific changes people are looking for in their lives.

This audio, Deep Relaxation for Health and Happiness will take you into a lovely deep relaxed hypnotic state and allow the positive suggestions to settle in your subconscious mind.

The suggestions embedded in this recording will boost your sense of well-being, self-esteem, optimism and health.

To be perfectly honest I initially created this recording for myself. It contains a beautiful range of positive suggestions that I wanted installed in my own subconscious mind.

This Album Consists of 3 Powerful Tracks


Track 1 – Health & Happiness…………………………. 20:24

Track 2 – Health & Happiness Sleep…………………. 29:34

Track 3 – Relaxation Music…………………………….. 27:03

Tracks 1 and 2 are identical scripts.  Track 1 will wake you up at the end and Track 2 allows you to drift off to sleep.

These recordings are so powerful because our minds work on two levels, the conscious and the subconscious. Subconscious beliefs effect our emotions and our physiology. In the relaxed state known as hypnosis we can communicate directly with the subconscious mind.

This Mp3 is designed to help you achieve a deep state of relaxation and when listened to and practiced on a daily basis it will help you feel more in control of your thoughts, actions and emotions. It contains suggestions that can create a sense of well-being and better health.

What people are saying about the Deep Relaxation for Health and Happiness Album


“We’ve done hundreds of meditation and hypnosis recordings over the years and Alison’s Deep Relaxation for Health and Happiness would have to be the best I’ve heard.” Steve C. Conference Recording Studios.

“My husband and I go to sleep listening to this recording every night. We’ve done that for years. It’s so comforting and relaxing.  We both sleep really well since we’ve been listening to it. It has such beautiful positive suggestions that have really helped both of us feel happier.  And of course now we’re sleeping well, life in general is much more enjoyable” Marj K

“I love Alison’s voice.  I drift into such a relaxed state every time I hear it.  This audio is so soothing and positive.  I’ve noticed lots of really amazing changes in my life since I started using it.  I simply don’t react to things that used to bother me.  It’s like I can cruise through life and not get upset or anxious the way I used to.”  Joanne B

“OMG this Mp3 is gorgeous.  It includes everything I wanted to be told as a child.  It’s really helped repair my self-esteem, my fear of making mistakes and cleared my anxiety. I have it on my phone and wouldn’t go anywhere without it.”  Sally J

“After having a series of Hypnotherapy sessions with Alison I continued to listen to her Mp3 for Deep Relaxation every day for about 4 weeks.  It made a huge difference to how I feel and really consolidated all the changes we’d worked on during the sessions.”  Tony P


About Alison Burton

Alison is one of Australia’s leading Hypnotherapists and owner of Simply Natural Therapies. Alison is a sought after public speaker and has appeared on ABC National Radio, SBS Radio, Foxtel’s “Living Life Now” and “The Healer’s Way”. She has also featured in The Age, Herald Sun, Insight Magazine and local news media. She has a keen interest in Natural Health, human consciousness and making the world a better place. Alison is an Accredited Member of AAOT, Clinical Member of AHA, an Occupational Therapist, Hypnotherapist, SleepTalk for Children Coach and Accredited HypnoBirthing Practitioner. She specializes in Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Relaxation Training, Stress and Pain management. She has worked in a number of areas of health and human relations over the past 30 years including psychiatry, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, individual group and family therapy.