Narelle Sinclair

Narelle is a transformative practitioner who works with a blend of holistic therapies to help assist you find your own Essence Within, to allow your bright light to shine from within, as you walk your pathway.  As a Bars Practitioner and Reiki Master Narelle works with the energies to assists in helping one heal, release blocked, stagnant energy and clear old patterns, beliefs emotions and attitudes that have been stored within the body, mind and soul over life times. and at peace.

Narelle offers a variety of holistic treatments including, Access Bars, Reiki, Vibrational Sound Balance, Theta, and meditation.  Narelle is intuitively guided throughout the treatments and provides a safe space for one to begin to awaken and heal.


Access Bars Practitioner
Reiki Master


Narelle enjoys keeping fit and active, listening to live music, socialising and travelling, and continuing to learn and expand her knowledge in all areas of life