About Nadia:

Contact: 0414 799 998
Location: The Basin, Vic
My journey in healing and spiritual awakening began 14 years ago, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was through receiving healing, my gifts and abilities in energy and conscious healing blossomed.  Since then,  I have been practicing for over 13 years as an energy healing practitioner, seen hundreds and thousands of clients both  in Australia and overseas.  As a workshop leader, I have facilitated incredible transformations for hundreds of individuals here and overseas.   Many of my clients are energy healers/ practitioners themselves.  My intuitive gifts in healing have enabled me to perform body scans both in person and in distance.  I love functioning from heightened awareness and expanded consciousness and empowering others to do the same.


Bachelor Degree in International Business with Victoria University;

Diploma in Kinesiology with Health Arts College;

Access Consciousness – Certified Facilitator

Certified Practitioner in RESET, Integrated Healing etc

Studied Landmark Education as a Certified Introductory Leader

Studied Qigong Healing with Masters in Australia and China

Guest Speaker at Melbourne Theosophical Society and many other community groups.


I love nature, being in communion with the Earth, enjoying spending time with my horses and German Shepherds, they keep me fit.  One of my favorite activities of the week is our Friday night date with my husband.  Love outback travelling – experiencing the adventure.  Enjoying Social Networking and more.

My niche / specialties

  1. Intuitive body scan of energies
  2. Heightened awareness of Body harmony
  3. Expanding individual’s consciousness for self healing

What therapies does Nadia offer?

Access Bars