The Joy of Being with Nadia Wang

7 Steps to “The Joy of Being” with Nadia Wang
9:30am to 12:30pm on the 2nd Saturday of each month
Each session is $50 or $280  for all 7 sessions

1. Psychic Hygiene.
Saturday June 6th Protection and Energy Clearing. Keeping your aura clean. Dealing with energy “vampires” and negativity, protection from entities and attachments, cutting the cords, how to stop picking up other people’s energies etc. How to stay centred in your own consciousness.

2 The Hidden Secrets of the Law of Attraction.
Saturday July 13th  Learn why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for most people and how to engage the magic to stop seeking and begin allowing. Understanding soul fragments, retrieval and alignment. Experience embodiment of your own higher self.

3 The Energetic Care of Your Body.
Saturday August 10th Understanding the connection between your physical body and your energy body. How to perform an intuitive body scan. How to harmonise your glands to destress. Clearing fear from the brain structures and glands. Understanding the soul of each organ and how to align each organ with its soul vibration. (This is such a beautiful experience that words can’t describe.)

4 Quietening the Mind and Opening the Heart
Saturday September 14th Choosing your thoughts, how to have mental clarity and hear your inner wisdom.
Making the18 inch journey from the head to the heart. How to be heart centred. Whatever the question love is the answer. Embracing what IS. Healing global issues from the heart. Experience infinite opening of the Heart.

5 The Secret Language of Being.
Saturday October 12th Living life from a whole new level. Understanding the power of words and the questions we ask ourselves to expand or contract our being. Learning to live from awareness rather the limitation of our 5 senses. Being open to infinite possibilities.

6 Learning to Receive.
Saturday November 11th Allowing yourself to be loved and supported. Being open to kindness and learning to trust. Taking time for yourself. Self-care and nurturing. Self-love and knowing that you are loved

7 Maintaining Joy.
Saturday December 8th Simple and powerful daily exercises, practices and tools to keep your energy field clear and your vibration high, dancing in the symphony of infinite possibilities

This sessions will be presented by:

Nadia Wang. Nadia is a Kinesiologist, Access Bars Practitioner and an incredibly intuitive and powerful Energy Healer.

Here’s what one workshop participant had to say about Nadia’s teaching recently….
“Nadia has a fabulous high vibrational, caring and nurturing energy and her knowledge on the subject is enormous.  Nadia displayed to the group such a positive vibe and knows intuitively when to bring the group back together energetically.  What I love about her is that she shares her knowledge so willingly and this is a rare gift. Thank you” .  Lorraine F

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