Psychic Children

Article by Alison Burton Have you noticed the new breed of children arriving on the planet lately? Do you know, or do you have a child who is particularly sensitive and intuitive? Do you know of babies that seem to … Read More

Teaching Kids Contentment

Article by Alison Burton In the aftermath of Christmas our family home always needed a big clear out. We emptied and sorted cupboards and wardrobes in an attempt to make room for the new toys, clothes and gadgets that Santa … Read More

Gifted Children

Article by Alison Burton Jessica Watson is an extraordinary young girl who followed her dreams and sailed solo around the world at the age of sixteen. Soon after her arrival back in Australia one of Melbourne’s leading psychologists warned that … Read More

Understanding Homeopathy

Article by Alison Burton With the responsibility of parenthood and the potential accidents and illnesses that inevitably pepper life, I decided to keep my first aid training up to date. I was reasonably well prepared for the disasters like snake … Read More

Learn the benefits of Acupuncture

This Article appreared in The Herald Sun on August 15th, 2010. “Acupuncture: The New Painkiller” – Learn the benefits of Acupuncture and how ‘Australian hospitals are finally catching up with what the Chinese have long known, acupuncture is a great alternative form of … Read More

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