Kids and Weight Issues

After many years as a hypnotherapist, I’ve noticed that there are a couple of common issues with almost all of the people I work with for weight loss. Those issues start in childhood, so maybe it would be helpful if … Read More

Is Menopause Dragging You Down?

Leading scientific research has proven that resetting your hormones can lead to reduced menopausal symptoms promoting weight loss, more energy, more control of emotions and better sleep, to name a few. Our new 21-day program is aimed at helping you … Read More

Rituals and Rites of Passage

Well, what an amazing and crazy week it’s been.  With the cyclone and floods in Queensland and people losing all their possessions it makes me realise that we worry far too much about the little things in life.  If we … Read More

Past Lives Remembered

The idea that we live many lifetimes is commonly accepted by many religions around the world. Christianity is one of the few religions that don’t accept this belief.  The Christian Church apparently decreed in the 6th Century that any belief … Read More

How to Beat Procrastination

Well what a lovely long summer we’re having. I hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous weather and you were able to make the most of the Labour Day holiday yesterday. I spent some time with my grandson visiting his Auntie Leah and … Read More

How to be a Conscious Parent

How has your week been?  Mine life seems to have settled down a little but I know many people are going through big challenges at the moment.  For lots of people, the issues they have struggled with for many years … Read More

Understanding Acupuncture

Well, today is the last day of summer.  I’m not quite ready for it to end.  But of course if I take my own advice I know that I need to accept what IS. In fact the Buddhists say the … Read More

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