Do you know your why?

Well another week has whizzed by. I hope you’re coping with the cold weather again. We’ll certainly appreciate the summer when it arrives, hey?   

The Future of Healthcare?

I hope you had a happy Father’s Day.  If your Dad is no longer in your life then I hope you were able to send him some loving thoughts.  I know quite a few people whose fathers have passed on … Read More

Throwing in the Tea Towel

Well it feels like Spring is almost here. It’s so lovely to see the sunshine and the blossom coming out.  I do love the warmer weather. Years ago I spent a winter in Holland which was very long and dark … Read More

Why Meditate?

I hope all is well in your world. I’m back from my holiday and feeling relaxed and refreshed which is just as well because I have lots of bookings this week.  Our offer of a free 60 minute health assessment … Read More

Reclaiming Your Health?

I hope you’ve had a lovely week. What a gorgeous day on Sunday! Harry and I went to Warrandyte for a morning coffee and ended up staying til 3pm enjoying the sunshine, walking along the river and listening to the … Read More

Exploring Your Sixth Sense

Well, what a big week we’ve had.  Our birthday celebrations kept us busy for most of last week. We were celebrating the 5 Senses of Natural Health and it proved to be a great way to categorise most of the … Read More

Shifting Our Consciousness?

How has your week been? I find it hard to believe its Tuesday again already. Where did the week go?  It’s certainly been a huge week globally with unrest in so many places around the planet. Harry and I spent … Read More

Alkalise or Die?

Well with the kids back at school I guess life can return to normal. Some of our Practitioners have school aged children so the holidays are often a little quieter for us. We’re back in full swing now though and … Read More

To Vax or Not to Vax

I hope you had a great week. I’ll do my best not to too political today but I did have a lovely time handing out How to Vote cards for the Health Australia Party on Saturday. I must say all … Read More

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