SleepTalk for Children


SleepTalk for Children

Are you a parent who would like to support your child’s development in the best possible way?

Would you like access to a quick, easy technique to improve their behaviour? Build their self-esteem and help with lots of childhood issues?

SleepTalk for Children may be the answer.

The SleepTalk for Children process can build and protect your child’s self-esteem, help them feel secure, capable and loved. This powerful process takes just two minutes a night while your child is sleeping and can assist with a wide range of childhood problems including:

    • Bedwetting
    • Shyness
    • Aggression
    • Separation Anxiety
    • Learning difficulties
    • Speech problems
    • Poor self-esteem
    • and much more

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Alison Burton has taught the SleepTalk for Children process to hundreds of families over the past 20 years with fantastic results. One Mum told us it was “like a blanket of calm had come over the whole house”.

Alison created this TRAINING VIDEO based on the work of Joane Goulding, the founder of SleepTalk for Children, to teach you everything you need to know about talking to your sleeping child to safely create positive change.

This product includes:

  • A 60 minute online training video for parents and caregivers
  • The exact script you need to use for the first 5 weeks* for every child, every problem.
  • A comprehensive checklist to assess your child’s current areas of concern and track it over time.
  • A quick guide for getting your child to sleep.
  • Everything you need to know to start using SleepTalk with your child.


*After 5 weeks you can then continue with this script or contact us on for further guidance to customise the suggestions for your child.

Most parents notice positive changes within 3 weeks. If you would like to help your child become happier, calmer, more confident and co-operative then this Program will teach you everything you need to know to start using Sleeptalk with your child tonight.

Build your child’s self-esteem, and help them to be their best through SleepTalk™ for Children.

SleepTalk™ is a process of talking to your sleeping child in a way that is a little like hypnosis. Parents learn how select the best time to do SleepTalk™, how to access the right level of sleep, exactly what to say, and how to target specific problems. SleepTalk™ literally takes two or three minutes each night and it can create profound, positive change. There is a foundation process which uses a particular script for the first three weeks. Any remaining issues can then be specifically addressed with support suggestions in order of priority.

SleepTalk™ was developed by Melbourne practitioner, Joane Goulding, to help her own intellectually and physically disabled daughter. It proved so effective it is now taught world-wide with wonderful results.

What can it treat?

SleepTalk™ can be helpful in treating many childhood issues, including bedwetting, shyness, aggression, school performance, anxiety, eating problems, ADHD or Autism. Maybe your child’s behaviour is difficult and you can’t work out why. SleepTalk™ is recommended for all children up to 12 years of age, whether they have problems or not. We believe every parent should learn this process and every child could benefit from it.

How will it feel?

Your child will not be aware that you are using SleepTalk™. This avoids bringing the problem to their attention which can often make it worse. After an initial period of somewhere between 10 days to three weeks, they will simply wake up feeling happier and more positive. Often their behaviour will change and they are not sure why. For parents, it’s a very easy and enjoyable thing to do. No matter how difficult a child’s behaviour may have been throughout the day, once they are sleeping they can often seem like angels. This is a perfect time to build their self-esteem at a sub-conscious level, repeat positive suggestions and strengthen your relationship with them.

What benefits might my child receive?

Over time, SleepTalk™ changes your child’s underlying beliefs from negative to positive. It builds their self-esteem and can directly address specific problems. Many behaviour problems in children stem from one of three sub-conscious beliefs; “I am not safe”, “I don’t belong” or “I am not good enough”. No matter what you might do and say throughout the day, these beliefs can be hard to shift. SleepTalk™ can address these negative beliefs and create a new positive mind set. Difficult behaviour will then often resolve all by itself. For any residual problems you will learn how to specifically target the underlying beliefs and change them.

How can I learn SleepTalk for Children?

It’s best to learn SleepTalk™ from an Accredited SleepTalk™ Coach. At Simply Natural Therapies you can make an appointment with Alison Burton. Alison has taught this process to hundreds of parents over the past 15 years and has used SleepTalk™ successfully with her own children. It’s great if both parents can attend but not essential. You DO NOT need to bring your child.

Alison is available to teach this process to groups at schools and preschools in the Melbourne area.

Alternatively you can CLICK HERE to purchase our SleepTalk for Children Webcast

How many sessions will I need?

One 60 minute session, either in person or via our Video Program is usually sufficient to learn SleepTalk™. We offer ongoing support either in person or by phone as needed. If your child has health issues, we sometimes recommend working in conjunction with our Naturopath. It can be helpful to rule out any underlying biochemical or nutritional problems.

What people have said

“ SleepTalk™ is a safe, effective and a very valuable process. I have found it useful in my clinical practice and recommend it highly.”
Dr. Eileen Feeney
Registered MD and Psychiatrist

“I have used SleepTalk™ for over twenty years. My children, Monique and Ren, have grown into adulthood feeling secure and loved, I believe, as a result of this process. I continue to use it in my busy practices and to educate others on the wonderful benefits of SleepTalk™. This is not a therapy and does not involve taking medications- just a commonsense approach to parenting.”
Cherie De Haas
Naturopath, Author and Media Writer

“It’s like a blanket of calm has come over the whole house”
Mother of three children who fought a lot

“It’s a wonderful thing, every parent should know how to use SleepTalk™. Mornings now are a pleasure rather than a battle”
Mother of a nine year old girl

“I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw his nails growing!”
Mother of a five year old nail biter

“I found it very healing for myself. It’s a lovely affirmation for me.”
Mother of a two year old daughter

“The teacher has noticed changes. Relationships with other children have improved”.
Mother of a physically disabled child

“The fairies talk to me at night and tell me they love me. They sound just like my mum.”
4 year old girl

“Sometimes when I think about doing something naughty, now I hear your voice (mum) in my head and I don’t do it.”
8 year old boy after weeks of threeSleepTalk™

How much does it cost?

$250/60 Minute Private Consultation plus the Online Program and one 30 minute follow-up Consultation

or $49.95 for the Online Program



Who are our SleepTalk for Children practitioners?

Alison Burton