Psychic & Intuitive Readings

When would you have a Psychic & Intuitive Reading?

Psychic & Intuitive Readings can offer support at times of sadness and indecision or when you come across obstacles in your life.

What will the session be like?

You will sit across from the Reader, you can ask questions with the intention of gaining clearness on particular events.
We have a number of readers, and each of them work slightly differently.

Alexandra Walden offers Psychic and Tarot Readings, as well as specialising in birth charts.

Carine Woden offers Psychic Medium Readings, Tarot Readings and Soul Aura Readings.
Psychic Medium Readings: “I tune in on a psychic level to allow those in spirit to make contact. They will show me pictures as we all ‘think’ in pictures.
If you wish to get in touch with a loved one in the Spirit World – please note that the person you wish to hear from may not come to the reading – one never knows who will show up to give you evidence that we don’t ‘die’ we just change form.”
Tarot Readings: “The classic Tarot will show me the energy of YOU. The collective of the cards will give you guidance to what it is you have a choice to follow.”
Soul Aura Readings: “I use my clairvoyant, clairsentience gifts to ‘see’ ‘feel’ your auric field. As I do this I will use my charts to colour in the the aspects that are relevant to what is
happening around you.”

Christine Long offers Inner Insight Card Readings. Christine’s speciality is to help you access your soul purpose, gain inner insight and clear any sabotage.

Juliet Gauci is our palm & astrology reader, she will read both from your hands, your chart and your energy to give you in depth insight into your Soul Purpose this lifetime. From there she will look at your gifts, and challenges, and from that awareness, you can change your life.

Stellar Frequency Readings with Carole McKeracher
Carole is a Visionary Intuitive, Mentor and Channel who works with and channels a variety of Higher Dimensional Beings including collectives of the Sirius and Arcturan Frequencies. These transformational sessions are fully channelled. You can ask questions of Carole and her Guides directly on any area of your life. Nothing is off limits!  If you are looking for clear guidance on relationship, abundance, health, career or creative expression and want practical ‘next steps’ to empower you to move forward with greater clarity and Soul centred purpose then be quick to call us and book on 9842 7033 –  $120 for 45mins

What benefits might I receive?

You may feel burdens lift, gain clarity on particular issues and have hope renewed on all levels.

How many sessions will I need?

As many as your heart desires.

How much does it cost

$110/45-60mins Intuitive & Psychic Readings
$130/60mins Palm Readinsg