Body and Ear Candling

What is Body and Ear Candling?

Ear and Body candling is a therapeutic treatment that has been used in nearly every culture since the beginning of time.  The candles used for ear candling are handmade with pure essential oils, and are reiki blessed.  Ear and Body Candling heals on all three levels, the physical, emotional and spiritual for the highest good of all, bringing the body back into complete alignment of pure health and harmony.

What can it treat?

Candling is great for Blocked ears, Ear Aches, Aiding sinusitis, hay fever, clearing blocked and stagnant energy, relieving tension in pressure points, also assists in releasing tension, negative energy, stress and anxiety, both physically and emotionally promoting healing on all levels.

How will it feel?

As the candle is placed in the ear, or on body it creates a suction, and the smoke begins to draw down through the body, clearing and cleansing the whole body.  After a candling you may feel relaxed, calm and very clear.


What benefits may I receive?

After a candling you may feel clear, relaxed and calm, with a sense of clarity

How many treatments will I need?

After you first candling, having another one a fortnight later will keep the passage ways clear and all energy free flowing.  It is recommended to then have a candling every two months.

How much does an Body and Ear Candling Session Cost?

$120 60 min ear candling

$120 60 min body candling/chakra balancing

Who are our Body and Ear Candling Practitioners?

Narelle Sinclair