Cell Wellness Hair Testing

Cell Wellness Hair Testing and how it can help you?

Before explaining the cell wellness hair test we need to get an understanding of epigenetics and what it means. Dr Bruce Lipton is a well renowned specialist in cell biology and has written a number of books explaining his research into cells and what that means for our health and wellbeing.

Dr Bruce Lipton tells us that our genes can be turned on or off. This means that instead of feeling victims of our genes we can become the masters of our genes. How we can do that is through epigenetics, but what is epigenetics? Our genes are the blueprints of our bodies but just as a blueprint can be changed so too can our genes and we can do this by providing the most harmonious and balanced environment for our cells as possible. It is the environment that controls our genes and turns them on or off. For example, when we go out into the cold we automatically react to the cold/environment and begin to shiver in an attempt to warm our bodies and bring back a state of balance and harmony. In a similar way it is the environment that controlled our cells reaction not our genes.

Our cells live in an environment inside our bodies so the first question we need to ask ourselves is what is the environment I am providing to my cells? If it is a toxic environment then our cells cannot thrive and instead die. So we need to provide the very best possible ingredients in order to give cells the best possible environment in which to thrive. “Cells in harmony are cells in health, cells in disharmony are the precursor for disease.”

So what things create a toxic environment to the cells? Poor food choices are just one example of creating a toxic environment for cells. Using products containing man-made chemicals is another. When chemicals come in contact with the skin they are absorbed directly into the blood stream. Dr Mark Hyman in his book, The UltraMind Solution, states that more than 80,000 chemicals have been introduced into society since the 1900s with only 550 tested for safety. So what products are you rubbing into your skin, spraying in your homes and ingesting into your body?

Added to this are other harmful toxins such as EMF, ELF, radiation, toxic metals, bacteria’s, viruses, parasites, moulds and fungus, all of which may be lurking in our bodies and making us sick.

Cell Wellness Hair Testing is Epigenetic testing of the hair follicle which gives a prescription of what foods your body most requires at the present time to create the best possible environment for the trillions of cells to function at their optimum.

What you get is a comprehensive 34 page report that is simple to follow detailing which vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that your body currently needs to produce the best possible environment for your cells. Not only this, but it also shows areas of environmental stress by showing which of the above toxins your body is currently affected by. It clearly shows which areas to focus on first by showing which of these areas are of priority. The report gives you a detailed list of foods to boost your diet with and foods to remove, which is an individual recipe tailored to each person.

The Cell Wellness Hair Test is ideal for those who want to boost their health but is also an excellent starting point for those who are dealing with challenges to their health as Jean Marc discovered in this Youtube Video.


Other factors to consider for the health of your cells are how you live? Stress levels and fears that govern how you respond to life also impact our cells. If you think you are in an environment that you have no control over please consider booking in for a Cell Wellness Hair Test and become the master of your health and life.

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