Hormone Reset Program

What is the Hormone Reset Program?

Leading scientific research has proven that resetting your hormones can lead to weight loss, more energy, more in control of emotions, reduced “PMS” and menopausal symptoms, better sleep to name a few.

Our new 21 day program is aimed at helping you reset your 7 major metabolic hormones:

Growth hormone

The program involves targeting each hormone, one by one, by eliminating particular foods from your diet in 3 day bursts.

Resetting your hormones through your diet helps to restore balance to your body, eliminating the issues of why you haven’t been able to lose weight and feel balanced in the past. When your hormones are in good working order, you can totally transform your body from the inside out.

The program includes hypnotherapy to help you make these changes with ease, without feeling as though it’s a continuous battle.

What will the session be like?

Your session will involve counselling and hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy involves sitting comfortably in a chair and closing your eyes. You will be guided into a veryaltered state of relaxation. Your therapist will check that you are actually in trance and ensure that you are comfortable with the process. Hypnosis is a pleasant, dream-like state. It’s a little like the feeling you have when you are gazing at an open fire place or a beautiful waterfall. Your body will feel heavy and pleasantly relaxed and always in control. You may be aware, or not, of what the therapist is saying to you and you will normally remember what happens during the session although it may feel a little like a dream.

What benefits might I receive?

After resetting your hormones many changes may occur, You will fix your broken metabolism and lose weight. But more importantly, you will take the crucial steps you need to feel at home in your body again. You will break the relentless cycle of stress and weight gain. You won’t be constantly bloated, stressed or sleep deprived.

How many treatments will I need?

We recommend 4 weekly sessions, then monthly maintenance sessions for up to 6 months

How much does it cost?

$590/4 x 60min Hypnotherapy Sessions

What people are saying

I am feeling absolutely fantastic. Fully reset:)
So glad I made that initial phone call to you and decided to go ahead prior o the Christmas break.
Surprisingly I found it really easy to do the reset over the holidays.
I am still off the coffee and haven’t had any alcohol since we started….OMG, everyone is in shock…ha ha ( & zero maltesers )
I think its definitely the hypnosis, I usually have absolutely zero will power!!!
Feeling really fantastic and feeling a lot lighter, a lot less bloated etc and not having any junk to spoil all the positive work!!!