Easy Periods Program


Have you struggled with..

  • Period pain?
  • PMS (Pre Menstruation Syndrome)?
  • Mood swings?
  • Low energy?
  • Headache or migraine?
  • Trying painkillers that don’t work?
  • Withdrawal from oral contraceptives?

If menstruation bothers you, interferes with your daily living or stops you from going to school \ work and you are looking for a natural way to manage it then you will love our Easy Periods Program.

You’ll discover how this natural, integrated approach at Simply Natural Wellness Centre can help you to eliminate menstruation pain and other related symptoms and feel great throughout the cycle.

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What does the Easy Periods Program involve?

Easy Periods Program is a new program empowering you to reclaim your freedom and helping you feel good from the inside out.

This Easy Periods Program includes;

  • ·A comprehensive gynaecological health assessment
  • Computerised diagnosis with Acugraph
  • 5 x 60 minute acupuncture sessions
  • Optional herbal prescription
  • Self care home remedies
  • Ongoing support from your Menstruation Specialist

How much does it cost?

$445 (excluding herbs)

Who offers the Easy Periods Program?

Our “Easy Periods” Specialist is Heidi Yuen

Heidi is a registered acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner specialized in women health.

Call NOW on 9842 7033 to book you FREE 20 Minute Consultation.