Cancer Support Program

Who is the Cancer Support Program for?

Our support program is designed for people who have a history of cancer or they are currently in treatment, remission or palliative care.
Treatments for Cancer tend to take a toll on the body, mind and the spirit. Our services aim to provide benefit to individuals, where they will be cared for in a safe and nurturing environment with a qualified and experienced therapist.
We offer a holistic approach, and address every aspect of your situation. This includes detoxing yourself and your environment, ensuring your diet and lifestyle are what your body needs during this time, discussing your emotional wellbeing and offering support to you and your loved ones.

The diagnosis of cancer can quickly change a person’s life. Learning to manage the change is an ongoing process that can take time. We offer a range of services to help support you during this time, and help manage some of the side effects of cancer and its treatments.

Our Support Program:

Our Cancer Support Program consists of four x 60min appointments with our Hypnotherapist, Manuela Picinich, as well as two x Ionic Foot Detoxes and a CD for home use. The program covers many aspects of health, as well as experiencing Hypnosis, you’ll also learn about the Mind-Body Connection, how stress can affect your health, how to detox safely, how to increase your water intake and the best nutritional options for you. Click here for more information on Hypnotherapy.

The Ionic cleanse foot bath is a non-invasive therapy which re-energises and helps support the body to detoxify naturally.

How much does the Cancer Support Program cost

The program is $695, which includes four 60min Hypnotherapy sessions, two Ionic Foot Detoxes and a CD for home use.

Mind-Body Connection

Did you know that negative emotions are stored in the body?
Exploring and clearing underlying negative emotions or traumatic memories can have a remarkable effect on healing the body.
Our Clinic offers Hypnotherapy to guide and support you while you do the inner work needed to make peace with past and clear any underlying emotional issues.
Did you know that the mind is also able to numb pain? And even alter your perception of time? It’s common knowledge that we only use 10% of the ability of our mind. Just like meditation, hypnosis can help you access and utilise the hidden abilities of your mind.
When you have hypnotherapy your therapist will safely guide you into a very relaxed and focused state of mind. It’s a process where the conscious mind is asked to step aside temporarily to allow you to connect with the subconscious mind. In this way you can access the wisdom and abilities of the inner mind to find solutions to problems or make positive changes.

Reduce Stress

The immune system works best when your stress hormone (cortisol) levels are low. Simplify your life and reduce your workload if you can.
Practice daily relaxation or meditation, and try to set aside time for yourself daily, even if it’s just 10 minutes.
We also offer Lymphatic Drainage Massage, which is a fantastic way to de-stress, which can also relieve some of the symptoms of cancer, and its treatments.


It is extremely important to detox not only yourself but your environment. Everything that you come into contact with including soap, shampoo, skin care and make-up can be absorbed into the body. Even laundry and cleaning products can be absorbed through the skin. Everything you smell is also absorbed to some extent, including spray deodorants, hair spray, perfume, insect repellent, and air fresheners.
Ensure you select non-toxic products to help you clean up your environment and reduce the stress on your body.
Our Ionic Foot Detox spa is a wonderfully easy, non-invasive therapy which can re-energise and help support the body to detoxify naturally.
Sit back, relax and let your feet soak in a warm Himalayan salt infused bath. Leave feeling lighter and more relaxed, as you leave your toxins behind.


Although tap water in Melbourne is quite safe to drink and tastes pretty good, we strongly recommend drinking plenty of alkaline, filtered, mineralized and ionized water. This is “living water” that is absorbed easily into the cells of the body. It’s deliciously creamy to drink and can actually strengthen your Chi energy. Good hydration is essential for health. Try drinking 30ml for every kilogram that you weigh (eg. 65kg = 1.95litres) every day for a week and see what changes it makes. We use, recommend and sell Zazen Water Filters click here to purchase online.


It is believed that cancer can only survive in an acidic body. Reduce the acidity in your body by eating the nutritious alkalising foods that your body needs and can be digested easily.
A session with our Naturopath can also be arranged, to get additional dietary and lifestyle advice tailored to your individual situation and needs.

*Please Note: We do not claim to cure, our aim is to support and nurture our clients during the course of their cancer/treatment.

As part of a holistic approach to healing cancer, I began hypnosis with Manuela Picinich. This experience was extremely beneficial to me in many different ways.
Firstly, having regular sessions with Manuela, provided me with someone to share my thoughts. I felt relaxed, and trusted in Manuela’s guidance. To get the most out of this experience though, I had to totally and full-heartedly hand myself over to the process. This meant not only having the sessions with Manuela, but meditating at home as well.
Manuela gave me confidence to do this by providing me with reading material on self-hypnosis and a meditation CD to use at home As a result of this, I now meditate at least four times a week and am trying to build up to daily. This allows me to visualise healing myself which helps to give me back a feeling of control.
I also found the sessions to be very affirming. When I started to doubt or have other negative thoughts, talking with Manuela and the hypnosis itself, enabled me to keep positive and focused on my goals. The hypnosis helped me to feel protected and motivated me to take positive action which led to positive results in different aspects of my life.
Finally, I found that after the hypnosis, I was more energised and happy, prepared and ready to continue my life’s journey on the expected roadmap handed to me. I encourage you to give hypnosis a chance because, like me, you may find it to be the support that you are looking for.

Who offers the Cancer Support Program?

Manuela Picinich