Manuela Picinich

After being with us for more than 10 years Manuela has made a sea-change and is now is working from Rosebud.
You can contact her directly on 0401 255 031 or email
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Manuela works differently, when helping you achieve the life you desire and deserve in a nurturing and supportive way, having trained in areas that not many of your “usual” counsellors or hypnotherapists have trained in.

Qualified as a Holistic Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Nutritionist and Reiki Master, Manuela will help you release and maintain weight, stop smoking, manage stress and anxiety, overcome depression, build confidence, or help you overcome other issues needing attention or release. Manuela is qualified in Virtual Gastric Banding, a non-surgical technique using the power of hypnosis to retrain you to be satisfied with smaller amounts of food changing how you think about food and giving very safe, predictable results.

The various techniques Manuela may include in a session are EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), HypnoReiki (Combination of Hypnosis & Reiki), Regression Therapy and Reiki/Chakra Balancing, to name a few.


•Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
•Diploma in Advanced Counselling
•Diploma in Weight Management& Virtual Gastric Banding
•Adv. Cert. in Hypnosis for Cancer and Chronic Illness
•Accredited HypnoBirthing Practitioner
•Diploma in Ego State Therapy
•Cert. in ERT, EFT, EMDR & RT
•Reiki Master/Teacher

Manuela is registered with the Australian Hypnotherapy Association and The International Institute for Complimentary Therapists


Manuela is married with 2 adult daughters. She understands women who are experiencing issues with teenagers/young adult children, those going through menopause, or have emotions that are similar to a roller coaster, and are experiencing weight gain, depression, chronic illness or other issues associated with stress.
She is passionate in helping you enrich your life to health and happiness so that you feel balanced and at peace within yourself. Manuela’s main focus is to help you achieve your goals and success on a holistic level. Manuela treats everyone as a unique individual helping you to remain focused so that you achieve what you want and what is beneficial to you, whilst remaining comfortable with the process.

What people are saying about Manuela:

“As part of a holistic approach to healing cancer, I began hypnosis with Manuela Picinich. This experience was extremely beneficial to me in many different ways.

Firstly, having regular sessions with Manuela, provided me with someone to share my thoughts. I felt relaxed, and trusted in Manuela’s guidance. To get the most out of this experience though, I had to totally and full-heartedly hand myself over to the process. This meant not only having the sessions with Manuela, but meditating at home as well.

Manuela gave me confidence to do this by providing me with reading material on self-hypnosis and a meditation CD to use at home . As a result of this, I now meditate at least four times a week and am trying to build up to daily. This allows me to visualise healing myself which helps to give me back a feeling of control.

I also found the sessions to be very affirming. When I started to doubt or have other negative thoughts, talking with Manuela and the hypnosis itself, enabled me to keep positive and focused on my goals. The hypnosis helped me to feel protected and motivated me to take positive action which led to positive results in different aspects of my life.

Finally, I found that after the hypnosis, I was more energised and happy, prepared and ready to continue my life’s journey on the expected roadmap handed to me. I encourage you to give hypnosis a chance because, like me, you may find it to be the support that you are looking for.” -Jan

“Seeing Manuela for Hypnotherapy to stop smoking was a very positive experience and one which I would definitely recommend to people ready to quit.
She was encouraging, helpful and calming, this made the process straightforward and as uncomplicated as possible.” – Sarah

“As a sceptical and analytical person, who with a great adoration of science and Western ideas and concepts, never in my wildest dreams would I have though that any form of hypnotherapy would be successful, especially on a personality like mine. I was blown away by the experience. It taught me just how little your conscious thought processes actually drive your outcomes in life, how arrogant one can be about their own abilities or shortcomings. It is indeed a very powerful and effective tool to allow a person to release their potential they always had but probably supressed. You must find a practitioner that you trust, that knows their craft, and then open your mind unconditionally and want to change for the better. Thanks Manuela for all of your wisdom and guidance.”

“I would recommend Manuela’s beautiful healing treatments to anyone in need.”

“Well where to start. I can only say that from my first experience with Manuela doing treatment on me for 4 days in a row (as a hypnotherapist), when I was in very very poor health that this brought me back to life. We started the first day with some hypnotherapy which culminated in me sleeping a lot and feeling so rejuvenated once waking. I can say that I was in a state of utter euphoria and that Manuela’s voice was so beautiful and so relaxing that I stayed in this relaxed state for some time.”

“I saw Manuela feeling completely broken. With the stress of a demanding job, moving countries and health issues, I found myself in a very depressed state with no confidence and a sense of hopelessness with my situation. She took the time to listen and understand exactly how I felt before taking me through two hypnotherapy sessions. Both of these focussed on giving me the strength I needed to believe in myself again, to stop worrying and lessen the anxiety I was feeling each day.”

“I have come out the other side of my depression feeling much stronger and better in myself. I am able to approach things in a much more measured and calm way and feel my confidence and ability to manage my emotions is the best it has ever been. I can’t thank Manuela enough for her help and would recommend her as a therapist to anyone who needs a helping ‘hypnotherapy’ hand to get through a difficult time. She is definitely my ‘healing angel’.”

“I was a little bit sceptical before going in for hypnosis, but I was at a stage where I needed to do something to help lift the depression that was overwhelming me. From my very first session with Manuela, I felt a huge shift. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it for myself. It only took another two sessions to get me right back on track – back to feeling like myself again. Manuela was so kind and understanding, and I truly believe that she is something like a miracle worker!! From being a bit sceptical and tense before having a hypnosis session with her, I went to really looking forward to the session as well as seeing what results would come afterwards. I feel that she really raised my vibration level, and also feel really positive and reassured that, should I run into trouble again, Manuela is there to help me through. Thank you!!” – Janine

What does Manuela offer:

Hypnosis for Weight Loss (including Virtual Gastric Banding)
Quit Smoking
Anxiety Release and Confidence Building
Reiki and Energy Healing

Manuela can be contacted at