Christine Long

“Years ago when I was considering opening the Simply Natural Shop I had a reading with Christine to help me make the decision and to clear my anxiety about taking on such a big commitment.  I was scared to do it, and scared not to, in case I regretted not following my path. I had a strong sense that it was part of my mission in this life but it was scary. During the session Christine quickly revealed the core issue that was blocking me and gave me the tools and support to follow my heart.  I have used those tools ever since and found them invaluable.” – Alison Burton – Simply Natural Therapies Director

Christine is the creator of the beautiful Australian Aromatic Spray Essences that we have in the shop. The formulation of these essences was channelled in a way that surprised Christine herself.

Christine’s intuitive skills  (and her connections in high places) will:

  • Reveal the specific core block quickly
  • Uncover the appropriate steps to resolve it
  • Ascertain the perfect tool for clearing the block

So if you would like to continue on your life’s journey with greater:

  • confidence
  • well being
  • emotional resilience and
  • certainty

Book now for a session to discover your personal profile and the solution to what hinders your potential and stops you creating well-being, nurturing relationships, healthy finances and a fulfilling career.
During this session you”ll discover how to….

  • Connect with your innate spirituality
  • Create a lifestyle that works for you
  • Experience greater well being
  • Be the best you can be
  • Balance your emotions
  • Live your full potential
  • Expand your mindset

What does Christine offer?

Intuitive Readings