Carine Woder

About Carine:

I was a TAA/Qantas flight attendant for 28 years and my passion is people.
Having traveled extensively I have met so many awesome people who helped me to realise the potential and accept the strong Intuition/Psychic Mediumship abilities I have since I was a child. I have sat in Development Circle for many years and continue to do so. I currently work part time as a Security Office.
I have been to Tony Stockwell’s seminars and have an absolute ball !
Last year we focused on Trance Work which is also a passion for me. Tony was my tutor this year.


Reiki Master/Teacher
Meditation Teacher certificate
QHHT (Qantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)
Past Life regression
Certificate in Hypnosis
Psychic Medium
Light Trance Healing work (taught by Helen Da Vita)

Will soon continue with Quantum Consciousness Facilitation again.


Cats ! Also re working on a manual I have on Enhancing your Intuition/Psychic abilities. I hope to run a workshop one day.
My passion is people and I love hugs.

What does Carine offer?:

Psychic and Mediumship Readings