Alexandra Walden

About Alexandra:

“I have a bubbly and outgoing personality that thrives around her family and friends. My psychic gift has been with me all my life and over the last 10 years through working with other psychics and mediums has allowed me to further understand and strengthen my gift. My gift came from my father’s mother; she has been my guiding influence over the years and taught me a great deal about myself and my gift.

I have always had a sense of feeling/wanting to help others. I have a deep fascination for the human psyche which led me to complete my Bachelor of Science in Psychology. It’s through these studies, I felt that my gift can help people that are in search of guidance, affirmation or confirmation that they are on the right path.

As a psychic reader I use is tarot cards, as I feel that they have always offered me the most accuracy and clarity when reading not only for myself but more importantly my clients.”


Bachelor of Science in Psychology


Alexandras interests include her family, friends, dogs, football and cars.

What therapies does Alexandra offer:

Psychic & Tarot Readings