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dainaAbout Lakhmi:

“I started practicing yoga and meditation as a teenager after a childhood of martial arts training. The commitment and discipline really spoke to me and I took to yoga practice like duck to water. Over the years I have a lot to thank for having a yoga practice in my life and have deeply felt the benefits Eg. stress relief, freedom from an overly chatty mind, clear, safe and effective methods to converse with and tune up my body that assist in the release of old thought patterns and stagnant energy. It is a wonderful gift to give your SELF a little love and attention. It is my passion to share these teachings,

I am a chef, plant lover music dabbler and snow/skate board enthusiast.

In life we move, we breathe, we think, we feel. Through the fast pace of life keeping a healthy body, mind and soul balance can quickly escape us.
In an hour class of Kundalini Yoga we can bring about an anchoring point through Asana (postures) Pranayam (breath work) Mantra (sound) and Meditation, threaded together into a specific sequence which targets an aspect of self to develop.
As we focus our breath and connect to the movement we develop awareness and acceptance and can carry this into our daily lives.
Through Kundalini yoga practice we can strengthen our nervous and glandular systems and come to know our true selves, which is of great benefit when dealing with the stresses that life throws at us.”


KRI Certificate Of Training Level One Instructor

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